About Us

The founder, Ko Lailong, founded Jong Yeong in 1982. Based on the business philosophy of being active and practical, he hopes to be able to establish a foothold in Central Taiwan and operate sustainably. Dr. Ke, Zhi-Mei. is now the chairman of the board and combines cosmetics with humanities. Art creates a cosmetics industry with vital meaning.

JONG YEONG has been deeply involved in Taiwan for more than 30 years and has a long history. Since 1989, it has cooperated with the British East-gate Laboratory to produce and sell beauty care and health care products by applying plant healing activities, unique charm and health-preserving effects. In 2003, it was selected as a skin care product sightseeing factory by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and has been affirmed by all walks of life.

The most complete Bach flower essence, the most complete book, the most coherent course :
Jong Yeong selects pure and high-quality essential oils from all over the world and supplies them to aromatherapists. It acts as an agent for British Flower Remedies to publish Bach Flower Essence books and offers flower essence experience courses, synchronized with the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, and Brazil Organize the "Bach Flower Essence International Certification" course.