Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide

Welcome to Jong Yeong Flower Essences Aromatic ! Shopping instructions are very important for both parties' transactions, please read them carefully. This action will not only make your purchase more efficient, but also avoid transaction disputes.

Freight Delivery

Generally, goods will be received by customers within 7 - 10 working days ( excluding holidays ) after receiving the payment. If the goods are not received after more than working days, please contact us as soon as possible, thank you!
Home delivery freight calculation method-only Taiwan island
Less than NT$ 5000 , freight NT$ 150
Free shipping over NT$ 5000
Delivery Method
There are three types of delivery time: before noon, 12 - 17:00, 17 - 20:00
If you don’t specify otherwise, we will basically only order the morning delivery, so please cooperate.

Payment Method

There are two ways of remittance, bank remittance and ATM transfer.
Bank code: 006
Bank Name: Cooperative Treasury Bank ( Nantou Branch )
Remittance account number: 0250-717-128601
Please complete the transfer within 3 days ( not including weekends ) after placing the order, and call ( email ) to let us know. If you have any questions, please let us know first. Please pay first, and then ship the goods after the payment is confirmed. Please cooperate, thank you. Please absorb the handling fee by yourself.


Jong Yeong will not notify any online shopping related matters by telephone, such as changing payment methods, order confirmation, etc., and will not request ATM transfers.

Contact Customer Service

If you have any questions, we welcome you to call during office hours or use the message system to contact our customer service staff. We have someone to serve you and will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the order. During non-working hours, please use FB: Jong Yeong Flower Essences Aromatic to ask, we will reply to you as soon as possible. Customer Service Hotline: + 886 49 224 3810