Terms of Service

The last revision date of this agreement: September 18, 2020

Welcome to join the AROMAHOME online shopping website ( hereinafter referred to as this shopping website ). Before registering for consumption, please read the following agreed terms in detail.
This shopping website is operated by "AROMAHOME". You will access and operate the relevant functions of this website under the terms of use in this agreement.
Please pay special attention to it. When you click "Agree" or similar semantic options, or conduct consumer-related behaviors on this shopping site, it will be deemed that you have known and agreed to all the terms of this agreement.
The company reserves the right to modify this agreement. When you use the relevant functions of this shopping website, your rights will follow the latest content of this agreement. If you do not agree to the modification or change of the terms, please stop using the related services of this shopping website.

Account and personal information

  1. Before ordering for the first time, you must register with a legally obtained and still valid email account, and at the same time set a password for consumption; you need to maintain the validity of the email account to ensure the effective operation of future communications and transactions. Information, this shopping site will be properly kept in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  2. In order to maintain the correctness of the transaction and process, you must guarantee that your personal information or the information retained during the ordering process is correct and can complete the transaction; you also have the obligation to keep the email account and password stored in the system of this shopping website properly. The e-mail account and password shall not be disclosed or provided to a third party to know, or to be lent, or transferred to a third party for use. The operation of logging in to this shopping website through the account and password will be regarded as your exercise and responsibility.
    If the account password is fraudulently used, please notify this shopping website immediately, and after receiving your notification, the transaction in the group of account passwords will be suspended.
  3. For the retained information, this shopping website adopts a safe transaction mode and promises to assume the obligation of confidentiality. Except for providing the company or service cooperation manufacturers for customer service needs, it will only be viewed or provided to the competent authority in the following circumstances:
    - In accordance with the order or request of the judicial or police agency;
    - To complete the transaction or implement the terms of this agreement, or you violate the terms of this agreement;
    - To protect the legitimate rights and interests of this shopping site, other users, or third parties.

Online shopping

  1. When you complete the ordering process, you indicate that you have made a purchase offer in accordance with the relevant agreement and are willing to purchase the goods or services in accordance with the relevant posted content.
  2. You understand and agree that the completion of the order process does not mean that the contract between the two parties is established. This shopping site reserves the right to accept your order.
    This shopping site tries its best to maintain the correctness of the posted content, but when errors are found in the transaction process, you can suspend or refuse the transaction within three working days after you make the offer; if the transaction content is verified to be correct and available, it will be directly posted The goods will not be notified otherwise. 
  3. If you choose to pay by credit card during the order process, the purpose of entering credit card information is to confirm the validity of the credit card and obtain transaction authorization with the card issuer; this shopping site will not request credit card transaction payments before the establishment of the purchase and sale agreement, if this shopping site refuses If the transaction has been paid by transfer, a full refund will be issued.
  4. You can choose the delivery method of the goods or services you have ordered in accordance with the relevant information or restrictions recorded in the product or service sales network. If the delivery fails twice and cannot be contacted for more than three days, you will be deemed to have cancelled the order and refunded in full.
  5. If it is found that online transactions cannot be continued during the transaction, this shopping site must stop the transaction and prompt you to directly connect with the entity business office; remind you that the follow-up services are not within the scope of Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, and you can directly conduct goods with sales personnel Or service discussion, and review whether to conduct a transaction based on its quotation and payment method.

Returns and appeals

  1. You can exercise related rights in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, and the time starts when the goods arrive at the designated address.
  2. The products sold on this shopping website are all AROMAHOME products, and the specifications are clearly not available for trial; if you have any specification questions or test requirements, welcome to our company's entity business unit, and there will be someone to serve you.
  3. The products sold on this shopping site all have the characteristic of being difficult to restore to their original condition after use; the shipped products will be sealed with film or stickers to ensure that the new products are installed; you understand and agree that when you break the foregoing restrictions, it will represent the end of the hesitation period and will Buy.
  4. In the following circumstances, this shopping site may reject your request for return and refund:
    -The returned goods did not maintain the integrity of the shipment status, or the invoice was not returned, or the documents necessary for the return were not signed.
    -You have made an indication of acceptance and actual use.
  5. This shopping site guarantees that all products on the shelves have undergone complete quality inspections, and all purchased products enjoy applicable warranty services. If there is a defect in the product, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the specifications of the product, and the maximum amount shall not exceed the actual payment amount for the product.
  6. The return and warranty service promised by this shopping site is only within the territory of the Republic of China, and the original
    The delivery address is the principle.
  7. Regarding consumer disputes or appeals, you can use the online customer service processing mechanism after logging in, and this shopping site will provide you with services as soon as possible.

Other agreed terms

  1. This shopping site does not guarantee that the content and its services or emails sent are free of viruses or other harmful content or errors, and it is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this site, including but not limited to direct, indirect, accidental, and punishment Sexual and corresponding damage. For any questions related to this website, these terms and conditions and privacy clauses, the shopping website’s responsibility will not exceed NT$500.00.
  2. Unless you have obtained the company’s "AROMAHOME" formal written consent, the following actions are prohibited:
    - Download or modify this website and part of its content, or reprint any information and content on this website.
    - Resell or use this website and its contents for commercial purposes, or collect or use the company's catalog, description and prices.
    - Framing or using framing technology to frame any trademark, LOGO, trade dress or proprietary information ( including images, text, web page layout, and forms ) on this website.
  3. You agree to indemnify the company and its related companies for any losses, liabilities, costs, expenses and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ litigation fees, incurred due to your violation of the terms of use or any actions taken by you. The company retains all legal rights of prosecution and will promptly notify you of such claims, lawsuits or legal procedures.
  4. This shopping website tries its best to maintain the rights and interests of all users of this website. If you violate this agreement in any way, the company may suspend or terminate your shopping qualification or refuse you to use all or part of the services of this website without obtaining your agree.

Governing law and jurisdiction

  1. All online transactions or related behaviors you conduct on this shopping site, as well as the terms of this agreement or the agreement on the relevant webpage, are governed by the laws of the Republic of China.
  2. For all disputes arising from transactions or related actions on this shopping site, if they are involved in litigation as a result, the Taichung District Court of Taiwan shall be the first instance court of jurisdiction, unless the law has other mandatory provisions on the competent court.